My Dream

Having a career someday is a great achievement for me. Because being committed to the dream I love is the best thing that may happen to my life. Not just because I achieve my dream, also my parents will become proud of me.

Since when I was a child I really want to be a Civil Engineer someday. I want to see my future having a white helmet and holding papers with structures of buildings. I also dream to make a perfect heart shape building when I pass the board exam.

It’s a big dream actually but I know that I can achieve it. With the support of my family, and also with the help of God. Even though math doesn’t love me, I’ll still do my best in order for me to graduate with a degree and also license to become my dream comes true. To be a CIVIL ENGINEER in the future.



The Beginning

Euphorathena blog tackles about Fashion, Cosmetics, Adventures, Reality, and also Random stuffs. This blogs represent the likes and dislikes of the owner. The owner wanted to share her opinions about life and keeps the readers updated about stuffs.

Hope you enjoy reading! Love, Euphorathena